As spring comes in, and with summer soon to follow, there is a fresh crop of hair trends that have sprung up. While some are old favourites, some are new trends, and others are flashes from the past, we’ll be seeing a lot of these looks well into autumn. Here are the top five hairstyles that you’ll be wanting to rock these coming seasons.

Wet Hair

A very new trend, wet hair is not actually wet, it is gelled to give hair a slick, wet appearance. There are two main ways to wear this super trendy look for your night on the town. One is super smooth, with your hair pushed back, either fully back or with a part. The other is to wear it shaggy for a more punk aesthetic. Both will stun.

Extra Long Waves

Soft waves are in, compared to super straight hair. The way to wear these soft waves though is super long. If you like this look, it’s time to start growing your hair out (or maybe get extensions). It’s crucial to cut your hair when you’re growing it out though, to take care of split ends and keep things looking clean. This throwback to the late 60s and 70s is a must.

Tomboy Haircut

The tomboy haircut is a style of pixie cut that is all over the runway this year. If you’re bold, then taking the plunge and getting this shaggy, piecey pixie cut is perfect for you. The tomboy haircut is styled forward and slightly swept to the side. It is a high maintenance haircut in that you will have to get it cut often, but with a little product in the morning, you’ll be set for your day!


Whether they are your natural curls, or you achieve them with a perm, wild curls are in. If you have natural curls it is time to set them free, no more straightening. You can get a haircut for curly hair to help bring out your curls and make them look their best and bounciest. If you have straight hair, then a perm is the best option for you to get the curls of your dreams, you can talk to your stylist about how tight you want your curls, and they will be able to cater to your exact desires.


Whether soft and billowy, blunt and straight across, or something straight out of new wave from the 80s, fringe is trending. If you want to try something new, but you’re not sure about getting a pixie cut or going for a perm, then getting some fringe could be just for you. It’s easier to grow out a fringe if it ends up being not for you.

No matter what you’re going for, whether it is one of the trending hair looks or something more personal to you, the staff at At Zara’s Salon can cut, colour, and style your hair to your exact specifications. When you come in for your haircut or styling, you can also visit our spa, get your nails done, or have your waxing done. You’ll have a fantastic experience at the best hair salon in Coquitlam, we promise. Try something new with your hair, try something trendy.