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Best Hair Styling Tools

There are a few hair styling tools that come in handy when trying to get your hair looking its very best. Below, we outline six tools that should be readily available for you to use – your hair will thank you.

Hair straightener

This dynamic tool helps to create the hairstyle you want, whether that’s to straighten your hair, to beautifully curl it, or to create nice flowy waves. It’s a fantastic tool to take on trips if you only have room for one hair styling tool. It will take some practice to manipulate your hair the way you want it to be using a straightener, so be sure to watch some DIY YouTube videos to learn some tips and tricks. We recommend The Avanti Ultra Flatiron.

Curling wand

This tool takes less experience than a straightener to get great results and is good to use when in a time crunch as it’s easy to use. It maintains an even heat and works very well to produce curls or waves. We recommend Ghd Classic Curling Wand.

Heat protector

You need to always be protecting your hair and you should never put a hair styling tool in your hand without first applying a product. Look for a creamy serum to add in the moisture needed, especially if your hair is coarse, lightened, or dry. We recommend Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield by Oribe.

Hair dryer

You want a quality hair dryer that lasts for at least 5 to 10 years, and one that isn’t too heavy – under 2 pounds ideally. We recommend any product by Parlux is a superb choice.

Wet hairbrush

These are perfect to use to detangle hair after a conditioner is applied. They work effectively on fine hair that tends to tangle as they are less damaging than a comb. These are best used while in the shower or with a leave-in product. We recommend The Wet Brush.

Dry hairbrush

Use a dry hairbrush that helps the hair to shine. One that combines boar-bristles mixed with nylon is ideal as it stimulates the follicle at the root level and works great for thick hair. Invest in a high-quality dry brush that will last many years. We recommend Mason Pearson Brush.

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