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The Different Types of Lash Fill

There’s no doubt that lash extensions can significantly enhance your natural beauty. However, to maintain that stunning look, you’ll need regular lash fills. Lash fills help replenish the extensions that have shed naturally over time, keeping your lashes looking full and fresh. It’s important to understand that there are different types of lash fills, and the one you choose depends on your lash goals, lifestyle, and the type of extensions you have. Here are a few of the different types of lash fills.

Classic Fill

Classic fill is a service for clients who have classic lash extensions, which are a single extension applied to a single natural lash. This service is designed to refill any lashes that have naturally been shed since your last appointment. It’s perfect if you’re looking to maintain a natural-looking volume. see our Lash Fill Services

Volume Fill

If you initially chose volume lash extensions, which involve applying multiple thin lash extensions to a single natural lash, you’d go for a volume fill. This filling type maintains the voluminous and glamorous look by replacing the lost extensions with new volume fans.

Hybrid Fill

Hybrid fills are for those wearing hybrid lash extensions, which are a mix of classic and volume lashes. Hybrid fills involve adding a combination of single lash extensions and volume fans to replace any lashes that have shed, maintaining the balanced, fuller look that hybrid lashes provide.

Mega Volume Fill

For those wearing mega-volume lash extensions, where multiple extremely thin extensions are applied to a single natural lash, a mega-volume fill is necessary. This type of fill maintains the dramatic, ultra-full look that mega-volume lashes provide.

In all cases, the frequency of your lash fills will depend on your natural lash growth cycle, how well you care for your extensions, and your personal preferences for how full you like your lashes to look. Most people require lash fills every 2-3 weeks.

Remember, maintaining your lash extensions with regular fills not only keeps them looking their best but also helps ensure the health of your natural lashes. Always trust a professional like those at Atzara’s Beauty to handle your lash fills. Our experts have the necessary training and skills to properly apply lash fills, helping you maintain gorgeous, healthy lashes.