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Top 5 Tips for Soft Feet

Having soft feet is a huge perk of getting a pedicure and feels great. Many people wonder how they can keep their feet soft weeks after their pedicure has been completed. In today’s blog post we are going to go over the top 5 tips for keeping your feet feeling soft.

Get rid of dead skin often

Our feet hold the weight of our body for long periods of time daily. Often, this will lead to production of calluses and blisters composed of dead skin. Therefore, to achieve the soft feet that you want it’s important to remove the dead skin using a foot file or pumice stone. Simply use it on the bottom of your feet after a bath. However ensure that the pumice stone you purchase is intended only for your feet. Both foot file and pumice stone are sandpapers essentially made for your feet.

Remember to soak your feet in warm water before you remove the dead skin with the foot file or pumice stone. Rub the bottom of your feet gently in circular motion. Be sure to repeat this often and you will get rid of the dead skin eventually.

Ensure that your feet are always moisturized

Unlike other parts of our bodies, our feet have no oil glands or a way to keep themselves moisturized properly. As we age, the cells in our skin tend to regenerate slower, increasing dryness especially on our feet. Therefore, apply moisturizing cream to your feet regularly, preferably after a bath.

Never use hot water to soak your feet  

Generally, hot water is known to make the skin dryer. Often the high temperature cause your feet to dry a lot more quickly. To achieve smooth feet use warm or cool water when soaking them.

Get rid of unkempt cuticles

Soak your feet in warm for approximately 10 minutes at list after every two weeks. Dry your feet then rub cuticle oil around your toenails. Then, use a manicure sick or a cuticle remover to pull off the excess skin.

Wear different footwear

Depending on the shoes that you wear they can cause your feet to not feel as soft. While most shoes should be well designed to keep your feet protected if you live in a warmer climate or spend your summers in sandals it could cause your feet to be exposed to harsher conditions. Occasionally changing up your footwear will help your feet feel better.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your feet stay soft after your pedicure. If you are looking for a professional to ensure you have soft feet and don’t have the time to do the regular maintenance yourself visit At Zara Hair & Esthetics and our team will help you keep your feet looking and feeling great.

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