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5 Essential Qualities of the Best Hair Salon Coquitlam

The best Hair Salon Coquitlam, as we find success as a hairstylist, we constantly listen to our customers in more ways than one. Yes! It is naturally true that being a hairstylist requires creativity and uniqueness, but there are 5 essential qualities possessed by great stylists. One important factor that is required for every individual in the beauty industry is Passion. We believe that Passion forces the creativity in anyone to emerge, and this will help their customers get the perfect look that they deserve.

Embrace New Technology

Well, this is a big one. In the salon business, the way you present or package your business matters a lot. No wonder, salons that are excellent in class tends to make use of technology like no other. These categories of salon utilize innovative technologies like the use of iPads with electronic portfolios for outstanding guest consultations, integrated technology designed to enhance collaboration and communication between team members in the salon, websites built with online booking features and outstanding contents, etc. High performing salons embrace new technology at every chance and they tend to deliver the best of service.

Technical skills and Talent

See, all the listening skills, creativity, and honesty can never make up for a bad haircut. If you wish to be creatively unique in your line of business, then you will need to commit your time to learning the ins and outs of various techniques in the business. The importance of creativity and acquired skills in the beauty industry cannot be overemphasized. As a stylist, if customers are coming in and dropping a lot of dough, the least you can do is offer them a perfect service that meets or even surpasses their expectations. And seriously, there is no way to do this without outstanding skills and talent.


Whether you believe it or not, the reason why clients prefer some salon to others is mainly due to their cleanliness. Aside from keeping the inside of the salon clean, ensure that the restroom is super clean at all times. Aside from the professionalism that can be showcased through cleanliness, it also boosts the comfortability of the customers. In fact, be sensitive enough to keep your salon apron clean and not just the floors, the products or the restroom. Remember, if you constantly keep the interest of your customers in mind, your business will surely flourish.

Be a good listener and socialize

In the first paragraph of this write-up, we emphasized the fact that a successful hairstylist will constantly listen to customers in more than one way. Before you mix the colors or pick up the shears, ensure that you have communicated well with your client and you perfectly understand what is being required of you. Another view of this can be seen by how well you socialize with your client. Forget the “eye service,” your salon should keep an interactive atmosphere at all times. Be genuinely interested in the lives of your client. Remember, loyal customers are those customers that feel important and appreciated.

Salon Accessibility

The degree to which customers can easily access your salon will determine how fast your business will grow. Customers will always try to look for other salons if yours is inaccessible. Be as organized as possible when handling your reservations and walk-ins, answer the phone as swiftly as possible, be constant on your website for reservations and be efficient. Also, you might want to consider the location of your salon, ensure that it is located where customers can generally access it.

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