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Important tips for your kid’s first haircut

Really! There is never a “right time” to go for your kid’s first haircut; it depends on you and your sweet kid, what style you have in mind, and how much hair your kid has. Well, some signs might alert you that it’s time for your kid’s first haircut but have it in mind that this might be a worrying experience, so it’s crucial to get your kid’s first cut right!

Your cute kid might need a trim if you regularly brush hair out from his/her eyes. Now, while you beautifully imagine an adorable and cute haircut for your kid, the experience might be quite traumatic. You might even think your kid’s first visit to the salon is the cutest thing ever, but seriously, your kid won’t see it that way. To him or her, it might be scary!

Know when to go for your kid’s first haircut

There is no official time or date to go for your kid’s first haircut, but if your kid has beautiful luscious locks, the hair might be ready for a cut as early as eight months. But if he or she is cutely bald, you might need to reserve the hair for at least 2years.
There are specific questions you might need to ask yourself before deciding on having your kid’s first haircut, one of which is; Do I want to preserve my kid’s baby-look, or is he or she ready for a big-kid haircut? Remember what Christine Burger, founder of Noodle and Boo, said, “once you cut off those curls, they may not grow back.” So, how do I know when to go for my kid’s first haircut?

Preparing for your kid’s first haircut

Give a hint

Have your child watch you get a haircut, toddler’s don’t really like surprises! Enlighten him about what he is seeing; tell him about the cape he will be wearing and what the scissors do. As funny as this is, you may need to avoid the use of the word ‘cut’ as it may scare your kid. Instead, use words like trim or snip. At home, allow him to play with the squirt bottle and do other necessary things to give him a hint.

Pick the right salon

If there are no children stylist or kid’s salon in your area, ask your stylist to recommend a professional who is exceptionally good with kid haircuts. Rather than the opposite, choose a salon that is good at dealing with squirmy clients. Many salons that deal with kid’s haircuts have different books and videos that can help keep your child entertained. Even some offer certificates as a first haircut package.

Make the necessary preparations:

Ensure that you bring along your kid’s favorite toy and lovey as this can help him stay calm and occupied. You might want to hide a treat in your bag and ensure that all through the drama, you have someone taking the pictures for memory’s sake.
During your kid’s first haircut

What if: He might refuse to wear the cape, wear one yourself and show him how it looks. Also, you might need to entertain him on your lap if he refuses to sit still. It’s their first time, and it’s only reasonable.

Remember to save it: For your baby book, remember to keep the first lock of hair because as he or she gets older, there surely will be a change in the color and texture of his or her hair.


The more fun and memorable you can make your kid’s first haircut be, the better and lovable. Keep in mind when to go for your kid’s first haircut, the preparations for your kid’s first haircut, and the possible things to do during your kid’s first haircut.

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