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Do men need manicure and pedicures?

Just imagine yourself leisurely sitting in a giant cozy chair, reading your favorite magazine with your feet sunk in a pedicure basin. Exquisite, isn’t it? If you think we are talking to the ladies, think again! We are talking about professional manicure and pedicure for men – something that is fast becoming part of the standard male hygiene.

Men must understand the importance of clean feet. Indulging yourself in a relaxing manicure and pedicure is rejuvenating. And that’s not it – there are many more reasons to go for it! If you are someone who takes foot hygiene seriously, women respect you. Dirty feet are a huge turn for the opposite sex. That being said, here are more convincing reasons to get ‘Mani and Pedi’ every month.

Why Men Should Go For A Pedicure?

  • Boosts Foot Health – Unhygienic feet provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The dirt under and around the toenails can accumulate harmful bacteria. Dead skin can cause rashes and other skin issues. It must be exfoliated regularly for healthy skin regeneration. Essential oil pedicure and manicure provides anti-bacterial protection to the feet.
  • Reduces Stress – If you are in a hectic job with plenty of fieldwork, you deserve a pedicure. A thorough pedicure with a small session of massage is known to have a stress-relieving effect. The frantic work schedule can wreak havoc on your health and your skin clearly shows signs of stress. The gentle massage and the sense of cleanliness infuse a serene mindset in the human body.
  • Remove Foot Odour – Stinky feet are a big no! Pedicure helps reduce the smell emanating from the feet by removing the dead skin, bacteria, and germs. People living in damp regions must go for pedicure as bacteria and fungus grow more severely in areas with high humidity. Regular exfoliation also prevents bacterial infections. The monthly pedicure routine significantly reduces feet smell.
  • Avoid Ingrown Toenails – Ingrown toenails are caused due to unhygienic feet and wrongly cut toenails. Toenails must be cut properly to avoid tiny or abrupt edges. In a professional pedicure, toenails are carefully cut at the correct length to avoid developing ingrown toenails. The right length ensures a healthy blood flow.
  • Clean Sexy Look – Good looking men have one thing in common – cleanliness. Women hate unhygienic men who can’t respect their bodies. And contrary to what you think, they do notice your feet and hands. Simple etiquettes like clean feet and buffed nails leave a great impression. Consider it equivalent to a good shower and a haircut.

Here’s What Happens On Your First Pedicure

A simple manicure and pedicure session lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. Here’s what happens once you arrive at the salon:

  • You will remove your shoes and sit in a reclining chair with a hot water tub underneath to dip your feet in.
  • Your nails will be clipped, shaped, and buffed.
  • Dirt and grime hiding underneath the toenails will be removed
  • Dead skin will be exfoliated and removed by scrubbing
  • Finishing touches with a soothing oil massage

When you are done, you will discover a feet skin that you never knew existed before. The difference can be quite drastic if it’s your first pedicure ever.

If you haven’t yet got a pedicure, we highly recommend one. Go ahead and treat yourself with At Zara’s pedicures for men. Explore our other services and call us to know about our full-service package pricing.

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