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The Best Medium-Length Haircut for Men

This is the good news; men with medium-length hair have a wide array of styling options that will not only transform their look but also connect to their personality. If you are bored of an elegant short style but can’t give in to the transgressive look of long hair, a medium-length haircut is just the perfect choice that can fit in between the two haircut Coquitlam.

When it comes to styling, this mid-length offers a wide range of flexible options. It’s no surprise, even those men used to short haircuts, are gradually realizing that short-to-medium and medium lengths offer even more freedom in the choice of different dapper haircut Coquitlam. Well, the most important thing for mid-length hair is healthiness. This length hair needs a little texture, shine and much lustre. You can achieve this by conditioning your hair regularly and make use of hair products that adds moisture to the hair.

If peradventure you are growing out your hair from a short cut, be sure to visit your barber often because you want to constantly trim it while it’s growing.

Pompadour haircut Coquitlam

Why don’t you take a leaf out of Elvis’ books with a stylish, sculptural pompadour that can add a classic look to your haircut? Interested in this look? Blow and dry your hair in an upward direction creating volume, shape and height.


This hairstyle is specially styled to recreate the effect of the wind. It adds to anyone, a “windswept” look that won’t fly around due to wind. This casual hairstyle can be achieved using a hairdryer. Blow your hair in an upward direction to create height and volume. After you must have done that, work some pomade through your hair to create texture. Finish the process off with a voila and hairspray


Quiff is a perfect mid-length hairstyle for personalities that love to look stylish, polished and confident. To achieve this classic hairstyle, make use of some styling gel and brush your hair in an upward direction in order to create volume before curving it back in a specific wave.

Bro Flow

Trust me, the charming Bro Flow is guaranteed to win hearts! Bro Flow is specifically for those men looking to sweep admirers off their feet. This windswept hairstyle is not only easy to maintain but also, effortlessly cool, perfect for mid-length locks in the process of growing out. The Bro Flow will make any interested man look his best, having a medium-length hair.

Hard Part

Wow! one interesting thing about this style is that it emphasize a range of styles such as the quiff, pompadour, or combover. Adding definition and cool details to your hair, this edgy hairstyle will add an instant update to your appearance. This style can be made by realigning the hair’s natural parting, the hard part hairstyle requires creating a distinct new part.

Comb Over

Seriously! When it comes to a medium-length haircut, there is a reason why the comb-over style will always win. The comb-over haircut is a favourite of both young and old men because it is not only casual but easy to make as it requires only comb. This comb is used to make a parting on one side of the head, and then, the comb is used to part the hair across and “over” to the other side.


Choosing the best haircut requires that you choose the best that suits your personality. As emphasized earlier, If you are bored of an elegant short style but can’t give in to the transgressive look of long hair, a medium-length haircut is just the perfect choice that can fit in between the two.

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