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Get the Hair Colour That You Want

For most people, there comes a time when they are interested in experimenting with the colour of their hair. However, most people usually decide to change their hair colour just for creativity purposes, while others may just do it to cover up any greying hair as they age. People also opt out of doing a full coverage and do some highlights instead (with colours such as blonde, caramel, burgundy etc.).

What most people don’t know is that, besides colouring your hair to cover up any grey strands, hair dye and colouring also provides other benefits.

Benefits of Hair Colouring:

  • Those who have limp and thin strands of hair can use hair dye to plump the hair shaft by temporarily making the hair thicker, and more voluminous.
  • Hair dye can provide extra shine and dimension to the hair. Various colours in the hair can help create subtle hues that would reflect the light differently. This can result in making the hair look more vibrant.
  • The stereotype of dying your hair to get the colour to match with your skin tone is wrong. You can change your hair colour to highlight other attributes of one’s appearance.
  • A person can take the time to experiment with different shades of colour and upon deciding, apply that shade to their hair.

Use Natural Dyes

Today, there are a variety of different hair dyes and colors that are available for people to choose from. It is advised to be careful when buying a hair colour product, because most products are chemical based – which can be harmful for the hair in the long run. There are natural based hair dyes which can deposit a higher quality of colour into your hair. The continual use of natural hair care products can help your hair grow healthier while restoring shine to any damaged hair.

Another benefit of using natural hair care products is that is can reduce the chances of hair thinning or falling out.

At Zara’s Hair & Esthetics is located in Coquitlam. With our experienced and trained professional beauticians, we provide quality hair colouring treatments.

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