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The Importance of Eyebrows

Our eyes need protection from sweat, water and other debris. A main contribution to that protection are our eyebrows. Eyebrows also play a role in determining the overall facial expression of a person. There are many different type of eyebrows – such as thick or thin, arched or straight etc. No matter the type of the eyebrow, it is strongly recommended that they should be maintained properly.

However, because eyebrows are a great contributing factor to the overall aspect of the face in terms of beauty, there are several cosmetic treatments for it. These days, thick and strong eyebrows are back in style, but unfortunately some people do not have naturally thick eyebrows. This is why the cosmetic treatment of Eyebrow Finishing is popular and is being practiced widely today. This treatment is especially useful for those who have lighter eyebrows or have lost eyebrows due to medical issues.

Another term for Eyebrow Finishing is Eyebrow Tattooing. The procedure consists of injecting an ink into the skin where the eyebrow is to make lighter brows darker. However, the process of injecting the ink can be uncomfortable for some but there are light anesthetic creams that can be provided to lessen the pain.

When the procedure of Eyebrow Tattooing is complete, it is wise to know that it remains darker than the natural eyebrow colour for about two weeks before it can get a more natural, finished look. This procedure requires various touch ups so it is recommended to stay in contact with the person who did the procedure in order to do routine touch ups for dark eyebrows.

At Zara’s Hair & Esthetics, a beauty salon situated in Coquitlam, does offer the services of Eyebrow Tattooing. They have a team of professionals that provide beauty treatments according to the customer’s requirements and specifications.

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